Hydra is a live-action roleplaying convention held in Wellington. The 8th Hydra will be  run over the weekend of  04 - 06 June 2021, at Brookfields Scout Camp in Wainuomata.


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Hydra 2016

Games are being sought and updated for Hydra 2016! Watch this space.

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20-22nd November, Hamilton.

NZLARPS proudly presents Hamilton's Live Action Role Playing convention.

Medusa LARP convention intends to build up and grow the interest of LARP (live action role play) in the Hamilton and Waikato region. Participants can expect to play a variety of roles over a weekend of play, selected from a virtual smorgasbord to role play genres and styles. This taste test of styles will show the participant the appeal of larp as a hobby in general and it's presence is hoped to bring a stronger voice and recognition to the hobby.

Like other NZ LARP conventions Chimera (Auckland), Hydra (Wellington) and Phoenix (Christchurch), Medusa larp convention plans to continue the mythological theme intrinsic to the persona of LARP.

See the Medusa website for more details

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Crucible Day Game Coming up In Wellinton

Here is a message from the Crucible GMs. If you enjoyed Hydra consider giving this a go.

Roll up! Roll up!

We're eagerly recruiting crew for the upcoming Wellington game!

Did you recently attend 33AR or Hydra and are you eagerly awaiting your next LARPing fix? You're in luck! There's an event next month in Wellington. The upcoming game is part of the ongoing fantasy chronicle: The Crucible.

You can learn about this game on the crucible website.

Please help us spread the word and share this with any friends you think may want to give LARPing a go.

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Next weekend!

With less than  a week to go until Hydra, most of you should have your games and characters (if  not character sheets). If you haven't heard anything, please get in touch with your GMs. If you are still looking for transportation, check out the rideshare thread on diatribe. The weather reports aren't all good, so remember to bring warm clothing and bedding.

Good luck with your costuming! 

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Game allocation

GMs have gotten their player lists; the first batch of completed player game choices have been processed.

If you want to find out which games you are in, login and take at look at your games. You will have ticks next to the games you are in. As always Scott has tried to give everyone as many of their first picks as he could. Where he couldn't (and yes there were some popular games) you will find you only got 1 second choice game.

Scott will email everyone soon (in a few days) with an email about your games and other convention details.

Hopefully you will start hearing from your GMs over the next few weeks and get casting questionnaires and/or other info.