Written by Matt Swain and Jackie Brasfield

Mesquite, New Mexico 1894 - a small frontier town plagued by hostile Indians, haunted canyons and trigger-happy outlaws. So why do people head to Mesquite? Gold, of course. Or at least they did before the mines dried up. Now tensions are rising and the local law has more than the usual amounts of feuds and duels at high-noon to contend with. Will you beat the odds and make a name for yourself in Mesquite? Or will you be the next addition to the Little White Chapel's cemetery?

Written by Tigger Brunton and Anna Klein

Shiver me timbers, it’s that time of year again! Once a year a truce among all the pirates is called and the 10 most dastardly captains gather at the most dangerous pub in all the seven seas. Each captain is allowed one (hopefully loyal) assistant, to accompany them into the meeting. They gather to settle scores, balance the ledger and most importantly, decide who claims the coveted position of Captain of the Sea. Whoever claims that prize reaps all the benefits it brings: the best trade lanes to plunder, free grog in every pub in the Caribbean and of course the coveted crown of Poseidon! Be warned, the competition is cunning, the grog is strong, no-one is to be trusted and only the bold will sail into infamy.

Written by Ryan Paddy

It is a kingdom that never was, and always will be. The tale of the rise and fall of Camelot has been told and re-told over the centuries, and has often strayed far from the truth. Now shall we uncover the true history of Camelot, and of all the lords and ladies that had a hand in its shaping and eventual undoing.

Arthur is High King in the land of Camelot, with four British kingdoms under him. To the southwest lies his vassal land of Cornwall, whose influence is growing. To the west is Cameliard, whose king gave his daughter Guinevere's hand in marriage. In the north is the unruly kingdom of Lothian. To the east is noble Listenoise, home of the Fisher King. These four royal families vie for land, treasure and favour within King Arthur's court and their sons serve as Knights of the Round Table. Over the sea to the west lies the Kingdom of Ireland, fiercely independent of Britain.

In this newly-united kingdom the ideals of romantic chivalry are tested against the old rule of might, and Christianity clashes with the old pagan ways. Blood feuds are fought between the noble families, and unseen powers vie for the soul of the land and its people. When a black hart enters the hall at Camelot, the sorcerer Merlin arranges a gathering of all those who might decide the fate of Britain in the face of this dark omen. Now a crucial lost chapter in the history of Camelot will unfold.

Written by Kerry and Philippa

The year is 1586, at the height of the Trier Witch Trials. The village of Hoffenheim has been plagued with mysterious occurrences, culminating in the deaths of two villagers in what appears to be a satanic ritual. Inquisitors have been dispatched and the church will not rest until someone burns for these crimes. The question remains: Will it be black magicians and murderers tied to the pyre, or victims of mysterious illnesses and long-held grudges?

Written by Donna Giltrap

Built at the turn of the 20th Century the Hotel Paradise was the height of fashion. It boasted senators, film stars, and European aristocrats amongst its clientele. However, gradually it acquired a somewhat sinister reputation, due to a number of unexplained deaths and reports of eery phenomena. Eventually in the 1980s the building was abandoned - but not by the ghosts who still call it home.

Written by Malcolm Harbrow

Oft drunken with beer
O’er the ale-vessel promised warriors in armor
They would willingly wait on the wassailing-benches
A grapple with Grendel, with grimmest of edges.
-­ Beowulf VIII: 24 - 27

A monster has been attacking the hall of King Hrothgar, abducting his thralls in the middle of the night and eating them, leaving the bones for others to find. The King has been forced from his hall as a result. Now he has summoned his mightiest warriors, who have gathered to determine who shall have the honour of slaying this monster...

This is a Nordic "framework game", similar to "New Voices in Art". Live combat will be involved.

Written by Anthony Doornebosch and Fraser Peat

The convention is over, but one question still remains.

Which character is the greatest?

Hydra games takes an innovative approach to tournament style games. Taking inspiration from the Hunger Games, comes a last man standing tournament open to all who are brave enough to enter. Players choose one character they played through out the weekend to try and survive the Hydra games. Characters will be put to the test to try and win favour, solve puzzles to gain an advantage, and use any and all of their wiles to come out on top.

Will you work together? Will you go it alone like some kind of badass?

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Written by Ellen Boucher and Jenni Sands

The patriarch of the family has died, and now it's time for family and friends to gather and pay their respects, which means all the fun of a family gathering. Old rivalries will surface, revenge will be plotted, lovers will be revealed...all over a nice cup of tea and maybe a small slice of cake. This is England, after all...

Inspired by the film 'Death at a Funeral', this is a lighthearted black comedy about some of the great Facts of Life- death, love, and sandwiches.

Written by Jarratt Gray

Somewhere just beyond reality lies a place they call the Emerald City, a place of magic and spectacle, a place where your dreams can come true and the things you have lost can be found. But the Emerald City is in dire peril, someone has corrupted the code throughout Oz and outsiders have managed to cross over from the real into this land of wonder.

A digital re-imagining of the classic Baum Oz stories and characters, influenced by The Matrix, Wicked the Musical, and a touch of Gregory Maguire.

Written by Nick Pitt and Scott Kelly

Sure when the world turns upside down and the gates of hell stand open, Sam and Dean are in the thick of it. Hell chances are they caused it. But this isn’t their story, this is the story of those other hunters the poor humans who came across the Supernatural and now fight for humanity. Coming together at the roadhouse to swap tales and clues, and then getting out there to kick some ass and try to stay alive. (a game that will include larp melee and nerf combat)

Written by Anna Klein and Ellen Boucher

Someone has stolen the Power of Greyskull! But who? To what end? What does the Power of Greyskull really do, anyway? Can Friendship save us from all-out fantasy war? And do you really care when you're making it with a hot partner in chainmail underwear?
The writers who gave you vampire hijinks in Slash 2, now turn their attention to the high fantasy genre. And Mattel toys. Expect swords (of many varieties and sizes), sorcery, sexual shenanigans, and to have your brain well and truly broken in this R18 game.

Written by Dave Agnew and Martin Clyde

The Throne of God sits empty.
The horns have sounded, the seals have been broken and the four horsemen have ridden across the sky. A lone figure walks towards the Gates of Heaven. Any who try to stop him fall in flames. As he reaches the gates, they crumble, and Lucifer once again enters heaven.
An apocalyptic game of Celestial Politics for 18 Players, inspired by the works of Mike Carey, Neil Gaiman and Simon Clayton."

Written by Hannah McKie

The British Drama League’s One-Act Play Competition Regional Final is both a period LARP and a theatre training workshop. Participants will have the chance to recite monologues or pre-learned scenes with their peers. Those who’d rather wait in the wings can play characters who wouldn’t be on stage but who still play a crucial role in the overall event. Whether backstage or onstage, every player will have the chance to try new techniques as part of the purpose of this event is for players to be professional taught some of the skills of stage craft and acting.

Regional Final is also a costumed period drama. The session explores a boom time in NZ theatre– the heyday of the one-act play festivals of the 1930s and 40s. Dedicated and determined teams from different parts of the country – playwrights, actors, directors, carpenters – rehearse new NZ work in a race against time, budget, sexism, philistinism, the Second World War, inter- and intra-team rivalry, romance and a general lack of conviction that anything happens in a NZ woman’s life worth writing about – before coming head to head in the The BDL One-Act Play Competition Regional Final.

This LARP/theatre workshop is based on several years of Hannah’s extensive PhD research into the New Zealand theatre scene of 1920 to 1950 and some of the playtexts used during this period.

Written by Anna Klein

In an alternate - steampunk - future, the home isles of the British Empire are being ravaged by a swift and devastating plague. A week ago, fears that it would reach London were confirmed, and the disease is sweeping through the city, leaving thousands dead in its wake. The plague is painful, its symptoms strange, the contagion unknown and survivors almost unheard of. Few plague doctors have dared to get close to the infected, and even fewer of those have survived to make report. The British Isles are in an uproar, and Her Majesty is most certainly not amused.

All airships were grounded, the Queen’s authorities feared a mass evacuation of the isles and the spread of the plague across the world. But the Chief Royal Computator of Improbable Events, whose complex machinery and predictive algorithms advise the empire on its most fruitful course of actions, has decreed that in order for Britain to prevail, the airship Caliburnus must fly as scheduled, with its crew manifesto untouched. Why this small vessel and its unlikely passengers are the key to Britain’s future, not even the Chief Royal Computator can say...

Written by Flagship Team

In the floating city of Legerdemesnes, the Insubstantial Pageant- a carnival of the living and the dead- is held on the last full moon of summer. From feuding nobles and arrogant bravos to starving artists, itinerant players and the mysterious Guild of Undying to the proud Stokers who work the city's supply ladders, all mix together in the party of the year. Opportunities for business, revenge, romance, drinking, and advancement are available to the canny- and for the dead, whose last day in the world of the living is today, they will never come again. The world is turned upside down- but who will end up on top is anyone's guess.

Written by Claire Ahuriri

A sci-fi comedy LARP for 20 people (16 players, 4 crew). Based in Rutherford, Ohio, the town in Third Rock from the Sun.
It's been ten years since Dr Dick Solomon and his wacky family of misfits vanished into the night and were never seen again. Things went very quickly back to normal, but for Dr Mary Albright, found alone in a Rambler on campus grounds with several years of her memory missing, there was always a big hole in her life she could never fill. Ten years on, many things have changed, but a lot has stayed the same. It's Pendleton's 150 year jubilee, and local alumni have been invited to celebrate in a night of cheese and wine and intelligent conversation. Interdepartmental rivalries abound, post-grads angsts against under-grads, and by the way - don't mention the D-word in front of Mary!